Payment for all surgical procedures must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled date.


Procedure Associated Fees
Functional rhinoplasty
(to correct breathing problems)
per patient’s insurance plan and deductible
Functional rhinoplasty (sinus surgery) and cosmetic rhinoplasty combined patient deductible plus $4000
Cosmetic rhinoplasty $5995
Revision rhinoplasty
(correction of previous unsatisfactory rhinoplasty)
Minor “touch-up”
(performed in the office to improve results of a previous rhinoplasty)
Larger “touch-up”
(performed in the OR and requiring anesthesia)

*Quoted fees include the fees for the surgical facility and anesthesia.

Payment and Financing

For your convenience, Dr. McMillan’s office will collect anesthesia and operating room fees for the cosmetic portion of your procedure and will make reimbursement to those entities. The fees quoted for surgery (please see fee schedule elsewhere on this website) are inclusive.

Be aware that if insurance is going to be reimbursing on your behalf for functional rhinoplasty, you may owe a deductable which is also due two weeks prior to your surgery. Also, in the case of functional rhinoplasty, your insurance will be dealing directly with the surgical facility and the anesthesiologist to reimburse for the functional part of your surgery.

Dr. McMillan accepts VISA / MASTERCARD, or cash.

Many of our patients choose to finance their surgical fees. If you are interested in this option, consider Care Credit, a financing company that specializes in financing elective surgical procedures and deductibles. Use this link to access their website, explore the options for financing they offer, or be quickly preapproved on line even before you make an appointment to see Dr. McMillan!