Functional Rhinoplasty

Many patients in Las Cruces have difficulty breathing comfortably through the nose. For some, surgery to correct internal or external deformity of the nose can alleviate this symptom once contributing factors such as allergy and sinusitis have been ruled out or properly treated. This is called functional nasal surgery, or functional rhinoplasty.

When performed to alleviate nasal obstruction, this procedure is typically reimbursed by insurance. If a patient has functional rhinoplasty to correct nasal obstruction, this is an opportune time to undergo any cosmetic enhancements (cosmetic rhinoplasty) as well, because some of the costs of surgery will be paid for by insurance. It must be emphasized that insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures, and the cosmetic enhancements will have to be reimbursed separately. It is, however, less expensive to the patient under these circumstances, and can make cosmetic nasal surgery more accessible to patients who also have difficulty breathing through the nose.

If you have nasal symptoms that need correction, obtain a referral to my office in Las Cruces, NM. You can also contact us directly here. We can discuss correction of these symptoms, and at the same time consult about your cosmetic concerns. Often, both of these objectives can be addressed in the same surgical procedure, saving you time and money.