Balloon Sinuplasty Experience

I’m Doctor Terry McMillan. I’m a board certified Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I’ve been taking care of nose and sinus problems for over 25 years, and 21 of those years right here in the same location, in Las Cruces. It’ll take 2 or 3 visits for us to sort out the nature of your nasal or sinus problem might be, and whether or not you’re a candidate for sinuplasty. If we agree, this is what your experience will be like.

Once you and I have agreed that you’re a candidate for sinuplasty and a date has been scheduled, you’ll have a long conference with one of my nurses or medical assistants. We’ll supply you with all the medications and supplies that you’ll need both during and after the procedure, including the medications that you’ll need to achieve the proper sedation.

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by one of my nurses or medical assistants. The first thing they’ll do is take from you the supplies and medications that we gave you before the procedure. They’ll then put you in an examination room where we’ll be doing the procedure, and they’ll take your vital signs. Your level of sedation will then be assessed as we want to make sure that you’re adequately sedated and relaxed during your sinuplasty procedure.

Soon after that I will greet you, and I will also evaluate if you are properly sedated. I will then go step by step through what you can expect both in the preparation of your nose and in the execution of the actual sinuplasty procedure itself. Once I’m confident that you understand what to expect, I’ll prepare your nose by spraying numbing medications and decongesting medications into your nose. Then I will place some cotton pledgets within your nose. After that we’re going to lay you back, cover your eyes, turn out the lights and let you listen to some relaxing music. When I’m confident that the medications have had enough time to work, we’ll begin the basic procedure itself. You’ll remain recumbent in the chair with your eyes covered and the music will continue to play in the background.

After your sinuplasty is completed, I will review with you, one by one, all the medications you’re to take, And I’ll instruct you how to care for your nose and what to expect in terms of symptoms afterwards. That’s it then, the person that brought you will be waiting for you, and one of our assistants will escort you and turn your care over to that person. We expect you to return to your routine the next morning.

Balloon sinuplasty has offered us a huge technological advance in how we take care of some patients with nasal and sinus problems, particularly patients who have chronic sinusitis or recurrent episodes of acute sinusitis. It’s very easily tolerated, the risks are very low, and patients return to their routine the next day. Many of them have fantastic results. If you have many years or months history of chronic nasal and sinus problems, you might be a candidate. To find out, please call and schedule an appointment.